Droptek has been a Monstercat staple since the label’s beginning. Hailing from the UK, his contributions to the esteemed brand’s catalogue have been hugely successful, often leaning towards the darker, heavier side of bass music. His releases have been bold and distinctive, and include remixes for Pegboard Nerds and Krewella. ‘Fragments’, his most recent solo body of work, earned him features on stations such as Noisia Radio and BBC Radio 1. Droptek’s music can be heard in video games such as Ubisoft’s ‘Track Mania’ and VR remix game ‘Electronauts’, which features the recent collaborative effort with newcomer Vorso, ‘Smog’.

Since becoming an established producer known for his dubstep and electro-house pieces, Droptek has transitioned to the more fast paced and frantic side of bass music and now mainly produces Drum & Bass, and is quickly building recognition with fans who favour their bass music above the 170bpm mark. Droptek’s creativity knows no bounds; his productions can be anything from melancholic, melodic vibes to tearout, dark, more aggressive flavours. Each track can take you by surprise and the scope of Droptek’s sound appears to be endless, even often dropping the pace to a halftime feel to extend that range even further and providing a sound closer to beats/hip hop while retaining the dubstep influences from his earlier days.

The talented producer also has experience with a film trailer production company and this really shines through in his productions. Cinematic soundscapes and technical sound design are interlaced amongst heavy basses and roaring synths and it sets Droptek apart from the rest.

Recently, Droptek signed with the new formidable Dutch label Korsakov Music to release his debut album ‘Symbiosis’ – this masterful body of work serves as the ultimate definition of what Droptek is about. Coming in at a massive 18 tracks with over an hour total run time, it’s sure to solidify this already established producer as one of bass music’s finest.


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