HIJAK MC has been around the drum and bass scene for more than 10 years. Straight from the South Coast of the United Kingdom, he has worked with highly rated brands such as Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, Breakin Science, Spearhead, Flexout, to name a few.

People might say it’s hard to define his style because he has done it all. The energy that he infuses into the most varied styles of drum and bass make this host one of the most versatile MC’s, touching tech, neuro, liquid and even jump up.

This versatility and capability to adapt his style to different sub-genres have led to present & future collabs with the likes of Mindscape, L33, Smooth, Trex, Disprove, Data 3, Bass Brothers, Kursiva, Fragz, Eastcolors, and Paul T & Edward Oberon to name a few. 

Regardless of the style, his quality is unparalleled. He has shared the stage with artists such as Randall, Hype, dBridge, DJ Marky, Break, and Marcus Intalex (R.I.P) among others. His catalog of work keeps expanding, having features released and forthcoming on heavy hitters such as Eatbrain, Ram, Playaz, Renegade Hardware, C4C, Flexout, Mac2 any many more.