Following meeting the Renegade Hardware crew in London, his first Galactica / Odyssey single came out on Renegade Hardware in 2012 – constituting a bold and refined step onto the label.

This first step was followed up with the Limber and M Theory EPs in 2013, cementing his place on the label and firmly pushing Maztek’s name to the very forefront of the rave scenes awareness.

His considered and weighty manifesto through his Three Point Zero LP represented one of the last significant releases on Renegade Hardware before the label announced its closure – with Maztek left of one of the defining bookmarks at the end of the label’s epic history.

Alongside this, Maztek has collaborated with worldwide Hip-hop and Grime superstars Dope D.O.D. Maztek is an artist gilding the world in a layer of sleek technology, a true modern pioneer of Drum and Bass.

He also started his own cutting edge label 0101 Music on which he strives to push the music he so loves and creates. The first release on this label was his critically acclaimed second album Warpath on which he systematically outdid himself with every passing track, truly cementing his place in the folklore of drum ‘n bass and going a long way in establishing himself as a living drum ‘n bass legend.

His latest EP on 0101 called For The R4V3RS is his latest in what’s sure to be a host of big releases on which he is pushing his sound, skills and overall back catalogue.



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