Mean Teeth is a drum & bass duo, made up of Estonian producer Voice and Lithuanian Ophzet. The project was founded after a series of successful collaborations between the two in mid-2015, followed by releases on the infamous Bad Taste Recordings and Logam’s pioneering label Santoku. The duo has since been steadily releasing music on a foray of drum & bass’ finest labels, such as Red Light Recordings, Cause4Concern Recordings, Lifestyle Music, Kill Tomorrow, Plasma Collaborative, Neurofunkgrid, Kosen Production, Impact Music and even the legendary Renegade Hardware.

Since its inception, Mean Teeth have collaborated with various already established names, such as Merikan, Volatile Cycle, Trilo, Tobax and others, done numerous well received remixes, and spread their Baltic funk around Europe, with gigs played in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania The Netherlands, Austria, UK and elsewhere. They’ve garnered support from the likes of Noisia, Nickbee, Logam, Evol Intent, Optiv, CZA and many more.

For 2019, the duo are preparing their best material yet with an album that is set to instill their name into the minds of many drum & bass heads, whilst proving that their versatile, unique, no holds barred style is at the forefront of forward thinking and exciting drum & bass music.



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