The PRFCT recipe, the PRFCT crime, the PRFCT combination… Lose yourself in the frequencies, throw the fattest zero to the world outside, just dance. This is the Mandem mandate.

A manifestation of raw, visceral bass sonics and all the life-affirming dancefloor abandonment that comes with it, PRFCT Mandem are Jev and Aisling, a Latvian/Irish duo causing tremors from their lab in the thick of one of the healthiest drum & bass scenes in the UK: Manchester. With releases on their own Blazma imprint and prominent Rotterdam ravesmiths Korsakov Music, this is the very start of their intense bass explorations… And when it comes to providing tunes for the Mandem, they’ll settle for nothing less than a PRFCT ten.


Download PRFCT Mandem’s Presspack